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Sendokai Champions In “Sendokai Champions” (52x12’), Zak, Cloe, Kiet and Fenzy, four boys and girls not very popular, will have to save the Earth from the evil Zorn Empire; to do this, they will have to train their skills as Sendokai warriors. Sendokai is a new combat method which combines sport and magic.
Amadeo is a young boy with unlikely friends and an odd skill: he is the best foosball player ever. In the small village where he lives there is no opponent good enough to beat him. But Amadeo’s life is not as successful as his foosball achievements. He is in love with Laura, his childhood friend, but he’s so shy that he can’t bring himself to confess his love for her. He just hangs in his quaint, timeless village.
Ciudad Arcoiris (Rainbow City)
Juan "D" and Beatriz are the creators of Ciudad Arcoiris (Rainbow City), a full of fantasy, magic and color world, in which dancing and singing never stop. Rainbow City manages to make a connection with both parents and children and does so by fostering the imagination and fantasy – using music, rhythm, performance, movement, and the telling of true and fantastical stories in an appealing and entertaining way.
MOUK is a French animation series, based on Marc Boutavant’s book "Around the World with Mouk".The series, produced by Millimages, and directed by François Narboux, is present in Europe, Middle East and Asia through an agreement with Disney Junior. In Spain, the series is broadcasted daily.

Mouk was chosen as one of the properties of the year at MIPJunior 2011. 
When music is pure adventure.

Laland is like no other world ever seen or ever heard of, where impossible beings live among fantasy and songs. The main inhabitants are the Sulfis, fantastic creatures full of life and good humour who breathe music through every pore of their strange skin.
JokeBox Jokebox is a sitcom set out in brief sketches. The sense of humour is modern, international and timeless. Under the guise of being bonus material from a DVD, 12 different characters star in the most absurd and entertaining adventures. Among the cast are: a ventriloquist who marries his dummy; the slowest-witted superhero; and a travelling hamster who presents a documentary series about human beings, called Rational Geographic. Jokebox is 12 series in one.
Panini has launched the Virtual Combat Cards Collection of "Sendokai Champions"
Friday, 28 November 2014 10:00

Panini has launched a new collection of “Sendokai Champions”, which is available at newsstands and stores throughout Spain. The Virtual Combat Cards collection contains 180 different cards to collect with unpublished images of the series; also it provides more information about the characters and lets children play combats, so that it is a more enriching experience.

Sendokai Champions to Feature Wikisen
Tuesday, 25 November 2014 11:06

The animation TV series “Sendokai Champions”, coproduced by Kotoc, TVE and Planeta Junior, has launched Wikisen, the new encyclopedia to discover all the secrets of the series. Wikisen will expand the “Sendokai” experience through 1 minute videos and a new video game.

Stunning audience ratings of Sendokai Champions on Clan
Tuesday, 18 November 2014 14:09

2.419.000 kids have watched Sendokai Champions on Clan in September and October 2014.


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